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shelia turner & Sistagraphy: Impactful Agents of Change- Ebon Dooley Art and Social Justice Awards

The Inaugural Ebon Dooley Arts & Justice Awards, named after the ArtsXchange’s legendary founder, will highlight four artists and activists using their respective platforms to advance access and justice. On this occasion, we gladly honor shelia turner and Sistagraphy with our Change Maker Award.

When shelia turner recognized the relevance and importance of documenting the culture of her community and how it impacted the African American experience, she wanted to make sure history and the photographic art community did not overlook the legacy of African American Women photographers. shelia turner, who passed away this year, and Sistagraphy encourage lifelong learning and promotion of the photographic arts through interpretive theme-based exhibitions, educational programs, and community outreach.

We believe a Change Maker should demonstrate real, tangible impact on their community, and it should be obvious to see how their presence provided a clear “before” and “after” effect. Thus, when we think of the cultural community in Atlanta, the South and beyond, the legacy of shelia turner and Sistagraphy as agents of change is easy to see.

We congratulate shelia as a leader, and Sistagraphy as a creative institution, and we invite you to celebrate with us as we honor both at REVIVAL! Grab your tickets here.



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