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In order to minimize the spread of COVID, the ArtsXchange reserves the right to limit the number of individuals who can occupy any of our spaces. We require every person entering our facility to use hand sanitizer upon entering and to wear a mask at all times. To maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, we encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as you can and always wear a mask indoors.

All Rentals include a $30 Sanitizing Fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID-19 protocols? 

Due to the emergent Omicron COVID Variant we reserve the right to restrict the number of people in each space and or event. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been put in place to make sure that surfaces and bathrooms are all cleaned and that necessary hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the building. All individuals age 3 or older must wear a mask upon entering the AXC and keep it on throughout their stay (indoors and outdoors), unless they are eating food. 

Can I have a tour of the space before I book it? 

Yes, we encourage a walk-through visit before booking to confirm the space will meet your needs. Please call ahead and schedule a time to view the space and discuss your needs. 

Rental Fees w/options are:

  •  Rental spaces have a base rental fee of $80 per hour for the space with existing arrangement and house lighting. We will try to accommodate special room setups, at an additional cost. 

  • Security Deposit: There is a $100 security deposit per rental to cover potential damages, extra cleanings and overtime fees you may incur from your event. The deposit is refundable if the space is returned to its pre-rental condition at the agreed upon time. The monies will be mailed to the renter within 48 hours after the event. 

  • There is a $30 cleaning and sanitation fee.

  •  Prep Kitchen rental is available as an add-on to your rental for a standard fee of per day. There is no cooking allowed, prep only. 

  • Robeson Theater base rentals include house lights only. All in-house theater lights, sound system, and tech services are provided by Ibis Sound AV Solutions LLC (IAV) for an additional $70 fee per hour. Our in-iouse lights and sound include: 

• Tascam Model 24 Mixer Interface 

• Stage Setter 24 Channel Dimmer Console 

• 3 handheld microphones 

• Projector and 8-foot screen 

• Stage Snake Channel 12x4 

• 4 stage lights with gels 

• 4 spot lights 

• 4 mic stands 

• 4 microphones (3 boom; 1 straight) 

• 18-inch JBL Subwoofer

If your event requires more than AXC's in-house light and sound system, please ask about additional rental equipment with IAV at a separate cost. 

What are the steps to renting a space? 

1. Submit the event space inquiry form on our website. 

2. You will receive a Community Event Request form by email. Please complete and return. 

3. If approved, you will receive a contract with all agreed upon terms.

4.Complete and sign the contract and pay all fees

5. Arrive at agreed rental time. 

I submitted a request for my event does that mean you will hold my date? 

No, dates for events are secured when the event agreement is executed and payment is received. All payments are due when the contract is signed. 

What kind of special room setup can I request? 

We offer banquet style with table and chair coverings, business meeting style seating and theater style seating for an additional setup fee. 

Can I decorate? 

We encourage you to bring any table or chair coverings or table decorations your desire. You may not hang anything from the ceilings, pipes, or fixtures. No decorations can be nailed, taped, stapled or affixed permanently to the facility inside or out in any way. 

Do you have or offer catering? 

We do not. You will have to provide your own caterer. The AXC does have a prep kitchen space available for your caterer to use and requires a Kitchen Prep rental fee. No cooking is allowed in the prep kitchen. 

I already booked but I need to change spaces what can I do? 

Contact the office immediately. If the new space is available and appropriate for your event then we will move to the new space. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Rentals must be paid for at the time of booking. If you cancel in writing three weeks before the event 100% refundable If you cancel in writing two weeks before 90% refundable If you cancel in writing one week before the event 75% refundable If you cancel less than 6 days before the event the event is nonrefundable. ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITING 

Will someone be on-site during my event? 

Yes. But our onsite staff is not there to be your assistant. They are there for any issues or problems with the facility during your rental and will check you out after the event. 

What do I do when my event is over? 

Renter is responsible for clean up after the event and restoring the space to its pre-event condition. All debris must be gathered from the space(s) and hallways with trash placed in outdoor dumpster. Check bathrooms, flush toilets, and report any issues to the onsite staff. Load out and clean up must not extend greater than 5 minutes beyond the agreed terms of rental. Additional time is overtime and the rate is $50 up to the first hr. Must check out with onsite staff at the end of your event. 

How much time do I have to set up and break down for my event? 

Set up and breakdown time should be included in your rental time. Any time beyond your rental time is considered overtime and will incur additional fees due at check out and/or collected from the security deposit. 

What if I go past my rental time? 

Overtime is considered anytime greater than 5 mins past the end of contracted time. All overtime is charged at $50 per hour. Overtime fees are deducted from the security deposit and are due at check out. 

What is your Handicap accessibility?

Our facility is handicap accessible. There are 4 handicap parking spaces in the front of the building with ramp access. We currently do not have a ramp to give access to the stage in the Robeson Theater. 

What are the parking accommodations? 

We have a 70-space back parking lot. We have 4 handicap accessible spaces in the front of the building with ramp access. 

Can I bring alcohol? 

The AXC is a drug and alcohol-free space. If your event involves serving alcohol it needs to be noted on your request form, and details of what is required will be shared with you. 

Can I have vendors? 

This request must be made at the time you submit your request for rental space and is approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Can I sell tickets for my event? 

Yes, you can sell tickets for your event. AXC is not responsible for the selling, collecting or monitoring of any ticket sales for your event. You will need to manage your own ticket sells and collection. 

Will the ArtsXchange advertise for my event? 

The AXC does not advertise rental events. The AXC logo and likeness cannot be used to promote non AXC events. We reserve the right to review marketing material prior to distribution. 

Will I need to provide security? 

Depending on the nature of the event security may be required. The AXC does not provide security. All questions regarding security needs will be discussed in the initial booking request. 

What if my event is noisy? 

The volume of your event should not disturb the surrounding community. If your event goes beyond 11pm at night a noise ordinance for the city of East Point will be in effect. The Renter will be responsible for any citations from excessive noise complaints resulting in police being dispatched.

Can I use an empty room for a little while during my event? 

NO Access to nonrental space is permitted. 

What if I or my guest Damage property? 

The Renter is responsible for any and all damages caused by them or their guest. The security deposit will be forfeit and the renter will be billed for all additional fees. Event Insurance is strongly suggested. 

Can you provide directions for my audience? 

Directions are listed on the website https://www.artsxchange.org/directions

2019- Young Community Members at Catch Me In The A- Sinclair Gallery Exhibit

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