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Prolific muralist Charity Hamidullah to create the "face" of the ArtsXchange with new mural.

The ArtsXchange is grateful to all the artists who responded to our call for mural proposals — y'all got skills!

We are pleased to announce that prolific muralist Charity Hamidullah will create the "face" of the ArtsXchange with a mural on the front of our building this fall!

Her work adorns many walls, from local public art projects including the Dorothy Bolden Tribute mural with the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Pianos for Peace; to corporate commissions including Microsoft and Target.

Charity's murals are also featured in various cities since their respective mural fests, including Birmingham, Ala., Chattanooga, Tenn., and South Salt Lake, Utah.

We're thrilled to have not only her talent, but also her love for community.

Charity Hamidullah is a multi-disciplinary artist who has been living and creating in Atlanta since 2011. Her work began as a tattoo artist where she assisted in helping clients honor their identity through body adornment. Her admiration for community soon transformed her canvas with hopes to inspires and uplift more individuals. Hamidullah utilizes color, figurative and environmental elements to illustrate stories of identity, empowerment and growth while uniting spaces with the love language of art.

Follow her on Instagram @creatingfreedomnow.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Charity is pictured in front of her untitled mural on E. Burton Avenue in South Salt Lake during its mural fest.)


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