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Bobbie Paul: A True Bridge Builder- Ebon Dooley Art and Social Justice Awards

The inaugural Ebon Dooley Arts & Justice Awards, named after the ArtsXchange’s legendary founder, will highlight four artists and activists using their respective platforms to advance access and justice. On this occasion, we gladly honor Bobbie Paul with our Bridge Builder Award.

As a theatre artist and bridge builder, Bobbie Paul has always added her artistic touch to the causes and events that she supports. As Executive Director of WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions), Paul grew the organization to become Georgia WAND and defined its three areas of concentration across the state: Peace in Action, Environmental Justice, and Empowering People to Act Politically. We celebrate Bobbie’s ability to build bridges between diverse communities across the state and drew attention to environmental impacts on communities located near nuclear facilities in and near Georgia.

The ArtsXchange believes that bridge-builders should demonstrate a proven ability to help people representing differing entities/issues/interests to (1) gain a better understanding of each other’s work and how this work contributes to reaching their major goals, (2) identify commonalities and how each party’s work can contribute to shared goals, and (3) develop ways to work together that advance these shared goals as well as the work of each party. We can’t think of anyone who embodies these qualities more than Bobbie Paul.

We congratulate Bobbie on her life of service as an artist and bridge builder across the state and beyond, and we invite you to celebrate with us as we honor her at REVIVAL! Grab your tickets here.


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