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Corinthia Jenkins, MPH- Artist Spotlight

Corinthia Yemi Jenkins, MPH is a Certified Health Education Specialist, Doula, Spiritual Medium and Orisa Priestess in the Traditional Yoruba religion of Ifa and Educator. She received her master’s degree in public health with a Health Education/Health Policy double concentration, and her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, with a focus in Medical Anthropology. Corinthia has provided Doula services for the last 15 years, and is the founder of Meditation Suits Me, an organization designed to ensure that meditation as a social justice tool of wellness is available to vulnerable communities throughout Metro Atlanta.

Meditation has been recognized as a strong tool for managing stress and developing a mindful approach to life. As founder of Meditation Suits Me, Corinthia's mission as an agent for social justice is to increase access to wellness tools for under served communities. Meditation Suits Me provides meditation classes for all ages and classes that support the prenatal journey. Prenatal meditation classes support the expectant mothers and their families. Children are the greatest benefactors of learning the lifelong skills of mindfulness and meditation and these classes teach them self-awareness and stress management tools help them become better students and critical thinkers.

11 Questions with Corinthia Jenkins, MPH

1.What is the best part about being an artist/organizer?

The best part about being an artist/organizer is getting to see your work directly affect others and know your are contributing to the betterment of humanity through the sharing of your gifts.

2. What is the most difficult part?

The most difficult part is overcoming technology challenges and staying relevant to the needs of the community.

3. Favorite medium? Favorite way to engage with your community?

My favorite medium is high contact group sessions that allow immediate feedback from my participants. It is helpful to know the participants are finding the activities immediately helpful and they can assimilate the tools readily in their personal lives.

4. Whose work do you most admire

I admire the ground work to expand the availability of meditation and mindfulness as tools for improving wellness and stress management. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra center has been instrumental in helping me share my gifts with others.

5.Describe your idea of artistic success.

My idea of artistic success is to affect change in the lives of people in my community and support families in their pursuit to maintain wellness and mindfulness.

6. What is the one question you wish people would stop asking you?

I don’t have a question I wish people would stop asking and welcome all meaningful questions.

7. What is the one thing you wish people would ask?

Are there other ways I can meditate or be mindful? This is a great question because many people assume they have to sit cross-legged on the floor with their eyes closed and I encourage them to sit as comfortably as they wish or not to sit at all and focus of their breathing. I let them know some meditations or mindfulness activities are more active and not passive such as walking meditations or creating artistic works. The skill has many adaptable uses to fit their personal needs.

8. Tea or coffee?

I am a lover of tea. My favorite being peppermint with ginger being a close second.

9. Top three tunes that inspire your creativity?

My top three tunes are more like genres because I love music. Meditation and reiki music/ R&B from the 70’s and 80’s and Most Soul music.

10. What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on supporting pregnant women through mindful techniques for labor support and beyond.

11. If you could pass along one message to the rest of the world right now, what would you say?

If I could pass along one message to the rest of the world right now, I would say learn to appreciate the opportunities to be still with yourself. They are precious and valuable moments to gain self- awareness.

To connect with Corinthia or follow her work, please visit her at

IG: @meditationsuitsme

Twitter: @meditationsuitsme


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