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Lisa Tuttle- Artist Spotlight

Lisa Tuttle is an artist, curator, arts advocate, educator and writer. Her work is interdisciplinary, lens-based and mixed mediums. Lisa's artworks are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Federal Reserve Bank-Atlanta, and numerous private collections. A former lead administrator with the Fulton County Public Art Program and gallery director for both Nexus Contemporary Art Center (now Atlanta Contemporary) and the Atlanta College of Art, Lisa was also the Visual Arts Director for The Arts Festival of Atlanta, where she oversaw NEA-funded site work projects, and curated temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. In 2019, she established Lisa Tuttle Studio at the ArtsXchange, where she is working daily as a full-time artist and part-time curatorial and public art consultant.

Photo Credit - Shawn Dowdell Photography

10 Questions with Lisa Tuttle

1)What is the best part about being an artist?

It’s an adventure in ideas and never boring. After encouragement from a painting professor in college, I realized that art-making would bring together all of my diverse interests and passions, be they philosophical, political or personal.

2) What is the most difficult part?

Sustaining an income.

3) Favorite medium?

Right now, I am enamored with silkscreen and printmaking. It was a growing epiphany to realize that I can “paint” and layer imagery in a new way with photographs and drawings. I also have undertaken a series of ideas for “artist-initiated” public art projects, such as installing surrender flags on Confederate monuments, or inscribing poetry into civic spaces and the public imagination. Stay tuned!

4) Whose work do you most admire?

Louise Bourgeois, Rick Lowe, Sophie Calle, Ann Hamilton, Gerhardt Richter, Kara Walker, Adrian Piper, and countless Atlanta friends and colleagues…that I’d hate to list because I’d leave someone out! ….My earliest loves were Marcel Duchamp, Kandinsky and Eva Hesse.

Les yeux, les pensées, 2019. Archival inkjet print on Hannemuhle paper

5) Describe your idea of artistic success -

That feeling of deep satisfaction and personal pride that happens when you can look at a finished piece or exhibition, and feel you have found the “beautiful idea”. Nothing can be more gratifying than to find that you have connected with the spirit in a profound way.

6) What is the one question you wish people would stop asking you?

“Oh you’re an artist? Do you work in oils or acrylic?”

7) What is the one thing you wish people would ask?

"When can I visit your studio and collect some of your work? Do you undertake commissions?"

8) Tea or coffee?


Reverie, 2019. Silkscreen on paper

9) Top three tunes that inspire your creativity?

Depends on the day. If I really want to concentrate, I play a Phillip Glass playlist; if I need to get going and lift my spirits, it’s an Alabama Shakes, Billie Holliday, Emmie Lou Harris, or Indigo Girls playlist. Also, kinda digging the James Bay algorithm. (oops, more than 3!)

10) If you could pass along one message to the rest of the world right now, what would you say?

With courage, all things are possible.

Proposal for Stone Mountain, 2019. Digital photograph on fabric

To connect with Lisa or follow her work, please visit her at: Email: FB: IG:


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