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All Voices Poetry Slam: Unleash Your Inner Poet on September 23rd!

Are you ready to rhyme and shine? Join us at the All Voices Poetry Slam on September 23rd at 8 pm, held at the ArtsXchange.

Hosted by the charismatic Mr. Funn and managed by the fabulous Karen G., this event promises an unforgettable evening of spoken word artistry.

Secure your spot today for $15 in advance, or take your chance at the door for $20.

Don't miss out on a night of poetic magic!


Competitors Registration

The submission form will open on Friday September 15th at 5PM.

There is a $10 Non refundable sign up fee.

The first 12 to sign up will be slotted to compete.

If registered poets are not present for the random draw at 8pm on September 23rd, their spot will be given to the next poet in line. Registration fees will not be refunded.


12 poets will compete for cash prizes totaling $500.00!

5 Judges chosen randomly will score each poet from 0 - 10 with a decimal point, to prevent ties.


1- Original work only!

2 - No Props or costumes

3 - No musical accompaniment.

4 - Poems must adhere to the 3 minute time limit (10 second grace period. -.5 for each 10 seconds over)

5 - Respectful competition (no hate speech or disrespectful attitudes)



1st place $300.00

2nd place $150.00

3rd place $50.00

I can't wait to see you at the All Voices Poetry Slam on September 23, 2023 at 8pm in the Paul Robeson Theater at the ArtsXchange!


$15 in advance, or take your chance at the door for $20

All literary programming is in partnership with South Fulton Institute.


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