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WRFG-89.3 FM Radio

WRFG-89.3 FM Radio

2021 Ebon Dooley Honoree
Bridge Builder

Community Radio Station

WRFG-89.3 FM is an independent, noncommercial, nonprofit, community radio station whose mission is to provide an outlet for progressive voices, information, and perspectives that are missing from or minimized in the mainstream media.  Radio Free Georgia Broadcasting Organization, Inc. has been broadcasting continuously since 1973.

As a Bridge Builder, WRFG has a history of engaging Atlantans through radio conversations, connecting communities and helping share social solutions.  WRFG’s heavy grassroots and consistent involvement to lift the people’s voice, and demonstrate character shows the organization’s passion and purpose.  WRFG has clearly demonstrated servant leadership in its effort to address a vast array of socio-economic issues that plague civilization.  Since 1973, it has presented various programming and events centered around social issues involving women’s rights, racial justice, culture, and youth.

WRFG supports social change that increases equality, liberation, human rights, and justice for all people everywhere.  In addition to music programs that honor cultural diversity, scheduling includes shows on health and nutrition, racial justice, the environment, initiatives by local activists, gender/LGBTQ+ issues, animal rights, global politics, the economy, women’s issues, education and youth concerns, and the workplace.

For many years, WRFG produced live broadcasts from The Hungry Club Forum, Atlanta’s famous interracial luncheons.  They hosted community forums on important issues, including electronic voting, homeland security, same-sex marriage legislation, and global economic policy.

WRFG has garnered awards from Emory University, Georgia WAND, Georgia’s Caribbean Association, the National Blues Foundation, Atlanta’s Hip Hop Appreciation Award Committee, and several “Best of” recognitions by Creative Loafing.  Between 1977 and 1980, WRFG produced the award-winning 52-part “Living Atlanta” series, published as a book by the University of Georgia Press.

WRFG-89.3 FM




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