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Tasnim Mosabber

Tasnim Mosabber

2018 Ebon Dooley Honoree
Emerging Leader

Visual Artist

Tasnim Mosabber is a visual artist who has  demonstrated a history of using her platform to amplify issues and bring  visibility to communities striving for justice. She began her journey  in activism as president of her high school chapter of Amnesty  International, for which she organized a fundraiser to help people  impacted by the 2008 earthquake in Haiti. In college she worked with  Planned Parenthood Federation and Get Covered America in their joint  campaign to ensure that immigrants and low income people of color have  access to affordable health insurance. Tasnim is currently the outreach  coordinator for Raksha, Inc., an organization that works with South  Asian survivors of domestic, sexual, and other violent crimes. Her  Goddess art series inspires and evokes the power and nobility that is  carried within every woman.

Tasnim Mosabber



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