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Susan Ross

Susan Ross

2019 Ebon Dooley Honoree
Bridge Builder

Renowned Photographer

Susan “Sue” Ross is a cultural giant.   This “photo-griot” specializes in documenting cultural, political,  social, and economic images of the African-American community.  She is  an avid activist whose organizational memberships and community  engagements are as extensive as her documentation of many Atlanta  cultural and political highlights.  She combined her life’s work with  her positions in government administration for the City of Atlanta,  serving as photographer for Festivals, the Centennial Olympic Games and  the annual Dream Jamborees, the 1988 Democratic Convention, the Atlanta  Third World Film Festivals, the Atlanta Jazz Festivals, the Nelson  Mandela visits, King Week, the National Black Arts Festivals,   Paralympic Games, and as a chronicler of activities during the  administrations of Atlanta’s five African American mayors.

Susan “Sue” Ross



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