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Shelia Turner and Sistagraphy

Shelia Turner and Sistagraphy

2018 Ebon Dooley Honoree
Change Maker

Documentary Photographer

In  1993, Shelia Turner, an Atlanta-based documentary photographer, wanted to  create a vehicle for Black women photographers to exhibit their work. At  the time, the world of photography was dominated by white males. There  was no collective of Black women photographers documenting the stories  of Black women. Shelia contacted nine photographers that she knew  personally, and they all accepted her invitation. The inaugural  exhibition garnered critical acclaim. The collective’s next exhibition  was held in 1994 under its new name, Sistagraphy. Shelia passed away in  2018, but her commitment to the relevance and importance of photographic  art created by African American women lives on. Sistagraphy encourages  lifelong learning and promotes the art of photography through  interpretive theme-based exhibitions, educational programs, and  community outreach.

Shelia Turner







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