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Marshall Rancifer

Marshall Rancifer

2022 Ebon Dooley Honoree
Economic Justice Champion

Street Angel, Activist, Advocate for Atlanta's Unhoused Community

Marshall Rancifer, lovingly known as the Street Angel, died in Sept. 10, 2022, leaving behind many years of tireless advocacy for Atlanta’s unhoused community. Through his Justice for All Coalition, Marshall helped innumerable homeless people get off the street; he estimated that over 25 years, he helped nearly 3,000 people find safe havens and new lives. Many of the people he helped were also substance addicted and he was there — often against city regulations — with food, hygiene kits, safe-sex kits, HIV/STD testing, referrals to detox programs, and assistance in getting documents like birth certificates for housing and employment services. Through unconditional love and an obsessive consistency, he fulfilled his covenant with God. Marshall had long ago recovered from addiction and living in the streets and promised God that if he was restored to his own personal fullness, he would work for the restoration of all of the “unsheltered,” as he called the homeless population. With his small band of volunteers, he did just that for a quarter of a  century, enabling so many to escape sordid environments and extremely dangerous situations.

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