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Judy Conder

Judy Conder

2020 Ebon Dooley Honoree
Bridge Builder

Artist, Activist, Journalist

In 2006 when Judy Conder learned that the so-called “weapons of mass destruction” would likely lead to war, she bought a video camera, joined the anti-war movement, and began following the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition around, documenting their protests and activities.  Soon she met Atlanta WAND, Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, School of the Americas Watch, the International Action Center and though the years Georgia Detention Watch, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), Occupy Atlanta, Food Not Bombs, ATL Grandmothers for Peace, the Moral Monday Movement,  Georgia Alliance for Social Justice, the Metro ATL Democratic Socialists of America, the Great Speckled Bird staff, Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, and many more. Through her fourteen years as an Atlanta videographer, Judy has documented protests, die-in’s, sit-in’s, rallies, marches, press conferences, re-enactments, and acts of civil disobedience in the areas of social justice, racial equality, environment, healthcare, immigration, women’s rights, and gun control, etc. as well as having filmed local creative arts performances including dance, music, and poetry. Her fourteen-year body of work can be found on her Georgia Grassroots Video Youtube channel.

Currently, during the time of covid, Judy works from home publishing a daily bulletin of local events, both political and cultural, which features videos and artistic works from younger videographers and creative artists.  Her new objective is to form a local community media collective in which members can contribute political and artistic content.

Georgia Grassroots Video (formerly Artemis Productions) is a local, independent, community based video production company specializing in political action events and featuring works of local creative artists and musicians.

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