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Corinthia Jenkins MPH

Corinthia Jenkins MPH

Studio Artist, ArtsXchange Office Manager

Meditation Suits Me! Baby U. Health Educator , Doula, Spiritual Counselor

Corinthia  Yemi Jenkins, MPH is an instrument for social justice. As a Certified  Health Education Specialist, she has founded BabyU (BU)Prenatal Support  Services and Meditation Suits Me!(MSM) Each venture has allowed her to  bring wellness support services to underserved populations throughout  Metro Atlanta. Baby U provides doula services and community baby showers  as well as extended mom and baby classes to support the unique needs of  new families. MSM provides corporate and individual stress management  classes and mindfulness training to provide mental health tools that  have been documented to improve wellness and quality of life.

BabyU(BU)  and Meditation Suits Me(MSM) also produce a line of personal wellness  products designed to enhance the services provided to the community. The  presence of BU and MSM will offer a unique addition to the art  community as a major contributor to the collective wellness of the  community. Each class taught and item created will assist in ending the  social injustices that plague many communities of color.

Corinthia  Jenkins began her personal meditation practice over two decades ago.  Through training from the Chopra Center and Iyanla Vanzant's Inner  Visions Institute she chose to pursue avenues to provide mindfulness and  meditation techniques to all looking to develop proven strategies to  support wellness. She founded Meditation Suits Me to provide meditation  and mindfulness classes to government and private organizations and  individuals. Through group sessions and retreats students gain valuable  tools to strengthen their own lives.

As  an extension she also founded BabyU a doula and maternal support  service to enhance the journey to motherhood through mindfulness and  meditation. Corinthia received her Masters in Public Health with a  concentration in Health Education and Health Policy form Benedictine  University in Lisle, IL. She received her BA in Anthropology  concentrating on medical anthropology and the culture of wellness access  in diverse communities. She also has 15 years of teaching in public  schools and independent school systems.

Corinthia Jenkins MPH



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