Solo Exhibition

October 8, 2021 – November 12, 2021


Ray Lewis


John Glover

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About the Artist

John Glover (b. 1969) has been a practicing artist for 30 years. While his work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions, John Glover: To the Women I Love is his solo exhibition debut. Glover’s most successful project to date, 100 Years of Thought, is a series of charcoal portraits of elders. While charcoal is the artist’s preferred medium, To the Women I Love diverges from this with colorful acrylic silhouettes, each representing women that significantly impacted his life.

To the Women I Love is a personal memoir engaging the artist’s complicated relationship with his father, experiences as the only son in a family of six sisters, and observations as his mother led the family following his father’s untimely death. The series also documents Glover’s relationships with his daughter and former wife. These experiences not only shaped Glover’s perspectives of women, but the artist’s broader worldview.