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April 4, 2023 - April 14, 2023

Interference: Interwoven

A sculptural look at human interference with nature through weaving by Sally C. Garner (Georgia State University MFA student show)

Interference: Interwoven


Sally C. Garner


Gerogia State University student Sally C. Garner presents her solo MFA show, Interference: Interwoven.


Sally C. Garner is a native of the Southeast, growing up in North Carolina and currently living in Georgia. She has been creating soft sculpture installation works ever since first learning that her love of fiber could inform her sculptural work at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. From a series of art that was first conceived in school, Sally crocheted art installations using non-traditional fibers to create works that incorporate both the nostalgia associated with traditional crocheting and the contemporary appeal for artwork that abstracts metaphors and enchants the senses. 

After graduating with an BFA in Studio Art, Sculpture in 2013, she continued to live, work, and create art in the mountains of North Carolina until 2020, when she decided to begin graduate school. Sally is currently seeking her MFA in Studio Art, Textiles at Georgia State University, in Atlanta, GA, where she is experimenting in fiber and textile techniques that were previously unavailable to her — weaving, wet-felting, knitting via machine, fabric dying and sewing. Her work is now trying to seek a connection between humanity and the environment, taking a critical eye to the changes we have tried to make so far. Weaving has become the primary tool that she wants to explore this concept with because of its metaphorical connection to knowledge.

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