The Definitive Artwork of Vernon Robinson Sr.

March 1, 2021 - April 4, 2021


Richard Washington


Vernon Robinson Sr.

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For over 40 years, Robinson Sr. painted and sculpted a remarkable collection of work driven by his knowledge that he has a gift to create and the freedom to express his ideas in all kinds of media. He admits that he enjoys creating but also that he has a need to create.  His work is rich in color, powerful in visual rhythm and organic shapes. The curator, RIchard Washington, describes Roibinson’s work as “innate, naturally resonating with African forms of expression”. Robinson himself recalls a childhood memory of being inspired by a pencil drawing of a [African] Benin Mask that showed ornate symmetry and precision.

Robinson Sr. has devoted his time to painting and sculptural art with a desire not only to express the excitement generated by what he sees in the world around him but to stimulate in viewers of his work that same visual excitement. This exhibition is truly a definitive representation of Vernon Robinson’s mantra, “HOW I SEE WHAT I SAW.