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FEBRUARY 29th 2020 - APRIL 11th, 2020


Saturday, March 7th 7PM -9PM


March 14th 2PM - 4PM


Application Deadline: January 28, 2020

“Scattering Dreams” seeks artists whose artwork addresses global immigration and refugee crisis. Every day, we are bombarded with news stories and images from around the world of
immigration, citizenship, asylum seekers, refugees, detention and deportation. There are over 43 million refugees in the world today, the largest number in history. In Georgia, ten percent of the state’s population was born in another country, while 1 in 13 Georgians is a native-born U.S. citizen with at least one immigrant parent.

How can we, as artists, create and present artwork that sparks critical thinking, empowers alternative narratives, and inspires ourselves and our communities to be more aware and compassionate to the plight of people – often our neighbors - caught in these political and environmental crises?


No shipped works will be considered.

All artists are responsible for dropping off and picking up artwork in person from the ArtsXchange facilities.  ArtsXchange 2148 Newnan Street  East Point, GA 30344


All mediums will be considered. Size limits apply.

Framed or Unframed Artwork

Maximum size: 36in x 48in

Sculpture / 3D

Maximum size: 36in x 36in

Maximum height: 96in

1st Place $300 | 2nd Place $200 | 3rd Place $100

JUDGE: Rozina Shiraz Gilani

APPLICATION FEE: $25 (1-3 entries, Non-refundable)


Application Deadline: January 28, 2020

Notification: TBA

Selected Artwork Drop Off: TBA

Opening Reception and Awards Presentation: March 7, 2020

Artist Talk: March 14, 2020

Exhibition Closes: April 11, 2020

Artwork Picked Up By: April 14, 2020

SCATTERING DREAMS Application is below. Please fill out the form and submit your application fee to be considered.

Scattering Dreams: Application Form
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Selected artwork must ready to show/hang. No hanging or mounting hardware will be provided. Display pedestals will be provided.


The artist is responsible for drop off and pick of work. Postal delivery or other shipping/delivery will not be accepted.


ArtsXchange is responsible for the security of all works installed in the Jack Sinclair Gallery. Pricing for artwork is covered under liability insurance from expected date of drop off through the duration of exhibition until agreed date of pick up. All items must be listed with estimated value given. ArtsXchange is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances due to negligence or malfunction of provided hanging hardware, and damages incurred before arrival or after removal from the ArtsXchange.


The ArtsXchange/Sinclair Gallery and the Artist will split the sales price of any and all works sold during the exhibition dates.

1. The Artist will receive 75% of the sales price.

2. The ArtsXchange/Sinclair Gallery will receive 25% commission.

3. Payment for artworks sold will be made directly to the ArtsXchange

4. The artist will receive payment from artwork sold no more than 30 days after the close of the exhibition.


Rozina Shiraz Gilani is a visual and performing artist, choreographer and the Founder and Director of Atlanta’s Radical Art Community. She is a first-generation American whose work uplifts testimony through movement and utilizes the narrative tools of Indian Classical Dance to challenge viewers with a "radical disruption" of normative thought. She is inspired by representations of identity, collective memory and most specifically post-trauma as represented in motif production. Drawn to the power of testimony of the human condition and righteous fights to live with freedom and dignity, she creates multi-media visual and movement compositions that seek to challenge and activate her audiences. Over the past 14 years, she has worked on solo and collaborative dance projects, productions & workshops internationally– in the U.S., Hungary, Palestine, and Lebanon. After returning to Atlanta in 2016, Gilani was in search for a revolutionary art space, and subsequently founded Atlanta’s Radical Art Community in 2018.


2148 Newnan Street  East Point, GA 30344


Postal Mail P.O. Box 90160 East Point, GA 30364

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