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Tasnim Mosabber: Leading the Next Generation- Ebon Dooley Art and Social Justice Awards

The inaugural Ebon Dooley Arts & Justice Awards, named after the ArtsXchange’s legendary founder, will highlight four artists and activists using their respective platforms to advance access and justice. On this occasion, we gladly honor Tasnim Mosabber with our Emerging Leader Award.

Ebon Dooley invested in the development of young leaders. He himself served as mentor to many and empowered the voice of the next generation of Change Makers. In this same spirit, the ArtsXchange offers the Emerging Leaders Award. We honor our Emerging Leader for their potential for future impact and a willingness to receive guidance and mentorship along the way.

Tasnim Mosabber is an artist who has demonstrated a history of using her platform to amplify issues and bring visibility to communities striving for justice. From high school through college and beyond, Tasnim has directed her art to inspire uplift. Tasnim is currently the Outreach Coordinator for Raksha, Inc, an organization that works with South Asian survivors of domestic, sexual and other violent crimes. Her Goddess Collection inspires and evokes the power and nobility that is carried within every woman. In her free time, Tasnim enjoys painting, hiking and watching movies. She particularly enjoys books and movies about the Indian subcontinent during the pre-colonial era.

We congratulate Tasnim on using her platform to highlight issues and inspire her peers, and we invite you to celebrate with us as we honor her at REVIVAL! Grab your tickets here.

The Emerging Leaders Award is made possible by the generous support of longtime ArtsXchange partner, Alternate ROOTS, a member-driven national resource for artists and cultural organizers in the southeast, who for over 42 years has championed social and economic justice and the work of artist activists working in communities. We are honored to work with Alternate ROOTS to provide the necessary training for an Emerging Leader who is committed to the work using the arts to uproot oppression and to fight for social justice. Visit for more information.


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