Rozina Shiraz Gilani

Ebon Dooley Honoree

2019 Emerging Leader


Rozina  Shiraz Gilani (she/her) is a visual and performing artist,  choreographer and the Founder and Director of ATL Radical Art. She is a  first-generation American whose work uplifts testimony through movement  and utilizes the narrative tools of Indian Classical Dance to challenge  viewers with a "radical disruption" of normative thought. She is  inspired by representations of identity, collective memory and most  specifically post-trauma as represented in motif production. Drawn to  the power of testimony of the human condition and righteous fights to  live with freedom and dignity, she creates multi-media visual and  movement compositions that seek to challenge and activate her audiences.  Over the past 14 years, she has worked on solo and collaborative dance  projects, productions & workshops internationally– in the U.S.,  Hungary, Palestine, and Lebanon. After returning to Atlanta in 2016,  Gilani was in search for a revolutionary art space, and subsequently  founded Atlanta’s Radical Art Community in 2018.

ATL  Radical Art (ARA) is a collective of local Atlanta artists committed to  the creation of a radical and artistic counterculture in response to  the social and political climate of our time. The collective's artists  engage in performances/experiments that shed light on topics of  intersectional struggle, liberation, and protest from around the globe.  ARA's vision is to create spaces and works that thrive independent of  institutional funding, finding its strength in community support. This  community is primarily for people of color, women, queer & trans  artists across multiple disciplines as well as accomplices who are  working jointly with us towards similar goals and prioritize the  visibility of said communities in Atlanta’s art scene.