Rayfield Lewis

Studio Artist, Gallery Committee Member


Rayfield Lewis II was born in Savannah, Georgia and raised in Athens, Georgia. He came to Atlanta for the first time in 1997 for college at Clark Atlanta University.

"My dream has always been to own an art firm, even before knowing what an art firm was. I had an idea and the best word I had for it was an “Art Firm”. I have always loved art, and feel like my talent is one, to get the art in front of people, and two, to bring artists together for the ultimate creative collaborations. For that to happen, I must have a place that artists can come to collaborate and work together. This place would also offer management for the artist involved. And collectively everyone would fall under the same umbrella to ensure that we touch all genres of art, but still have the ability to be independent. My studio space at the AtrsXchange is my first shot at bringing this idea to life and seeing what that looks like. I humbly call myself a visionary. That is the best way that I can describe myself as an artist. As far as being a yogi and a teacher, more than I can say that I believe in a specific religion or God, I believe with my whole heart in being in the moment. I was introduced to yoga during a very trying time in my life, and was dealing with depression. Through breathing and eventually the physical postures, I learned to accept where I was at that point in my life. I now live my life this way. This gift was given to me, and to honor the gift I must share it with the people."