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Imani Evans-Baskin

Studio Artist

Activist, Founder & CEO of Empowered Squared, Inc.

Imani  Evans-Baskin is the Founder & CEO of Empowered Squared, Inc., a  personal transformation company based in metropolitan Atlanta, GA. She  has been passionately committed to the personal empowerment of  individuals and communities for nearly 3 decades!

As  both an artist and healer, Imani combines creativity and psychology as a  vehicle for healing and self-mastery. Over the years, she has helped  countless individuals recover from trauma, and transform pain into  purpose. She holds a BA in psychology, a MA in counseling psychology,  and will finish a doctorate in counseling psychology. In addition, she  is an experienced practitioner of  Mindfulness and Neuro Linguistic  Programming.

She is the author of Unveiling the I AM: Discovering the Path to the Authentic Self and Today is the Miracle: A 30-Day Guide for Overcoming Challenges & Creating Miracles.

For  16 years, Imani served as the Executive Director & Founder of Women  Healing Women, a non- profit organization dedicated to the eradication  of violence against women and girls. She has been a non-profit leader  and social change agent for more than 26 years, working with several  non-profit agencies throughout Georgia, California, New Jersey, and New  York.

Imani  is the recipient of numerous awards and features, including Special  Congressional Recognition for her work with breast and cervical cancer  awareness. She continues to offer 1-to1 coaching, signature empowerment  programming, and training on virtual platforms, as well as live events  across the country.

Imani is affectionately known as #TheChangeMaker and #BarrierBreaker!

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