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Darrius Snow

Staff, Events, Building & Grounds, Facilities

Author, Poet

A professional servant leader with 5+ years of experience in community development and Performance Arts, Darrius is the founder of the group Bankhead Teens Encouraging Action by Motivating Others (B-TEAM ), a step team. The Bluff native holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Voorhees College and a Master of Business Administration from Alabama A&M University.

An artist that brings awareness to help others to become liberated from mental health issues through performance art, he is also a playwright, author, and actor. His visual art, "Bluff Baby," which hit over 140,000 views on YouTube in less than one year, inspires the community to rise up and overcome obstacles.

Darrius, also an actor, aspiring playwright, and winner of an MTV/Teen Nick HALO Award, wrote and published “Breaking the Cycle: The Story of Darrius Snow,” sharing his story about growing up in The Bluff, his younger years foster care, and learning through life's challenges.

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