Akbar Imhotep

Ebon Dooley Honoree

2019 Change Maker


Change Maker: Akbar Imhotep has committed  his entire adult life to fostering social change by educating adults and  children with his captivating stories and fascinating puppets.  He  began his artistic career in 1977 as an actor with the Proposition  Theatre Company. He 1979, he was introduced to puppetry at the Center  for Puppetry Arts.  After a six-year residence at the Center, he  launched his solo career, traveling around the city with his colorfully  draped suitcases filled with magic, wonder and excitement.  He impacts  the community by affecting positive social change with his involvement  in progressive cultural organizations and community improvement efforts  including the Atlanta Kwanzaa Cultural Committee.  His impact has grown  to include the Southern region of the U.S. as well as nationally.