Tribute to My Father
By Teressa A. Hale, daughter of Ebon Dooley

In retrospect, I started to think about …What words I could possibly say that would convey my deepest, most memorable feelings that I have for my father …So many recollections came to my mind. I admired so much about my father …He was a smiling, charismatic, gentle, loving, patient, helpful, peace maker, solution focused, driven, revolutionary, poet and activist who was also a son, a brother , a father , an uncle, and friend to us all …In my opinion he was the epitome of “love”. I can honesty stand here and say that there was not a time in my life that I ever saw my father become angry. He always saw, “the good” in everyone and everything optimistic … some may call him. It is a rarity in this lifetime that you come across genuine people. He had a genuine concern for people to become knowledgeable and empowered. This was one of his life’s mission.

I remember being told stories of all the significant people that he encountered and befriended as well as places that he had traveled to. He spoke so eloquent …Filled with a surplus of knowledge But had a humble disposition …You would have never known just by looking at him Because he didn’t do it for “show” He did it because it was embedded in his heart. I never quite grasped the meaning of the phrase “I’m going to die doing what I love to do”. My father did just that. He didn’t “live” to make a living Yet he lived to make a life. To leave a legacy and to help as many people as he could in the process. How he interacted with people left lasting imprints on every person he came into contact with. Thus, why each of you are sitting here today. I know a lot of times we as people take for granted the simple things in life. The most precious present you can give a person is your time. The reason why I say this is because you can’t get it back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! That is why it’s so special. We as humans have a natural “desire” to want to be in the company of others. Hence, friendships and marriages :-). We are social beings. This is a known fact. During life there will be times that you come into contact with people who leave “good” and “bad” memories of the “times” you’ve spent together. Now learning comes into focus when you are able to appreciate the existence of each experience. This is what my father continued to teach me everything and everyone that we come into contact with in this life has its place. Just like the saying says, “a reason, a season, and a life-time”. Remember once we leave this world, material possessions, financial and social status are not what leaves a legacy. Life is all about character building, helping the less fortunate and leading people to Christ. This is a time of celebration of a great man …Who was born Leo Thomas Hale …Many of you knew his as Ebon Dooley. But I knew him as … “Daddy.”  I have accepted the challenge of carrying on the torch that my father has lit In addition, to live life, love life and empower others in the process. And I challenge each one of you to do the same.

This article originated in the People’s Tribune
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