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Facebook Fundraiser

Use your social media for good and host a fundraiser for The ArtsXchange on your Facebook page. It's easy, click the button below to get started.

To make your fundraiser more successful follow these tips:

  • Use a catchy title

  • Create a personalized description

  • Set your goal to something attainable (we suggest between $200-$500)

  • Have your fundraiser up for two weeks, so all your friends will have a chance to see it

  • Post about it a few times while the fundraiser is running, espcially a "last chance to donate" reminder

  • Tell your close friends in a personal message why you are passionate about helping The ArtsXchange and ask them to join in by donating

"I'm #HelpingTheArtsXchange by holding a fundraiser. Support The ArtsXchange by making a donation to help their mission today!" (Include a photo and link to your fundraiser page)

Create Your Own Fundraiser

When planning, consider ways to make it unique to you, your interests, and your story.

  • Donate your birthday

  • Create a fun event that you can encourage donations for registration or admission (mystery dinner theatre, dance-a-thon, talent show, video game tournament, food competition, etc.)

We’d love to help you out! Contact us for more ideas, information, or marketing materials.

More Ways to Support the ArtsXchange

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