Atlanta Collects

10 Notable Fine Art Collections

September 6th 2019- October 26th 2019

Curator- Mike Harris

The Atlanta Arts scene has long been seen as  trailblazing and of great historic and cultural importance. Atlanta is  the home of the National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta Life Biennial,  Hammonds House, Spelman College Museums and Clark Atlanta Galleries  which is also home of the Hale Woodruff Murals.  What many may not know  is that Atlanta also boasts several substantial and notable Art  Collections. The exhibition includes works from only ten of these  collections. The artworks and the stories behind the collections are as  varied and as diverse as the families that have built the collections.  The Collectors include notable Professionals from many fields as well as  public servants and regular folks who have developed a passion for the  visual Arts.

About the Curator:

Mike Harris is an Arts enthusiast, Collector, Art  Dealer and patron of the Arts. His company Harris Art Advisory assists  novice and seasoned Collectors with the acquisition and disposition of  works.

About the Collections:

Allison and Johnny Howze , James Jackson and Gedney  Vining ,C. Betty and Kerry Davis, Karen and Kevin Cole, Cynthia and  Kenneth Prince, Kim and Dameon Fisher, Greg Head, Esohe and George  Galbreath , Ayanna and Reuben Jones, Kim and Dameon Fisher, Danita and  Michael Harris.


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