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Sept. 6, 2019 - Oct. 26, 2019

Atlanta Collects

10 Notable Fine Art Collections

Atlanta Collects


Mike Harris


ArtsXchange is honored to host 10 Notable Fine Art Collections in our Jack Sinclair Gallery. Our guest curator, Michael Harris shares his vision as an ongoing collector and its importance for the community.

The Atlanta Arts scene has long been seen as trailblazing and of great historic and cultural importance. Atlanta is the home of the National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta Life Biennial, Hammonds House, Spelman College Museums and Clark Atlanta Galleries which is also home of the Hale Woodruff Murals. What many may not know is that Atlanta also boast several substantial and notable Art Collections.

This exhibition will highlight a small sample of these Collections and the families that have amassed them.

Some of the Collections have been documented in catalogs and articles, yet most have grown outside of the public eye as personal journeys and passions. The purpose of this exhibition is to share with the general public the depth and breadth of both these known and previously unknown Collections.

Most importantly this exhibition is intended to demystify Art Collecting as an expression of elitist privilege and to show these collectors as Custodians of our Culture.

The exhibition includes works from only ten of these Collections. The artworks and the stories behind the collections are as varied and as diverse as the families that have built the collections. The Collectors include notable Professionals from many fields as well as public servants and regular folks who have developed a passion for the Arts.

Join us for the opening reception on September 6, 2019 from 7-10pm. Parking is free and located in the back of out building. We invite guests of all ages!

Thank you to our collectors for trusting us with this special line up of artists.

Art will is on display from September 6th - October 12th, 2019 Gallery hours are Tues.- Sat. from 12-8pm

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