heavy clouds




A Solo Exhibition from C Flux Sing

Curator- Courtney Brooks

December 14th, 2019- January 18th, 2020

Artist- C Flux Sing

Curator- Courtney Brooks

Heavy Clouds, is Jack Sinclair Gallery's 9th exhibition under the curation of Courtney Brooks, highlights Sing's use of marker and acrylic paint, an amalgam of pastels and primary colors bordered by bold black lines that collectively tell the story of the Black struggle, unity, humor, beauty.


Known as C Flux Sing and a native from Laurelton, New York, Sing has made Atlanta his home for more than a decade. The artist's goals are to showcase perspectives that connect to viewers emotionally, philosophically, logically and even illogically/abstract. Yet, the overarching goal is to inspire growth. He hopes to offer suggestions that help to look at life and experience from a variety of angles which may open up some possible positive options for us.


This exhibition is free and open to all ages. 


Heavy Clouds deals with the powers of your mind and how perspective, imagination, environment, experience and education helps to create a person's reality. In contrast, it is also about how one's attitude and view of these happenings can help a person alter the reality they want to experience. Your mind is the ground work for manifesting. A place where imagination flourishes and people craft that in which they want and need to experience.


Follow C Flux Amòsún Singleton @cfluxsing on Instagram and view others works and contact info on through his website cfluxsing.com

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