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Ebon Dooley Art & Social Justice Conversations


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The Ebon Dooley Arts & Justice Awards, established in 2018, recognizes individuals and organizations that work to improve the lives and future of their communities. In that spirit, we will host a series of conversations with Art & Social Justice Honorees along with other engaged social justice activists each Friday through the end of this summer. This series will be live streamed on the ArtsXchange Facebook page.


How to Be Involved

- Visit our Facebook page at 3pm on the day of the conversation.

- The conversation will be live streamed on our Facebook page.

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Friday, July 17, 2020- 3PM

Dianne Mathiowetz

Vice-president of the Board of WRFG 90.3FM

2018 Social Justice Champion


Dianne Mathiowetz has been engaged in the struggle for social and economic justice for over 50 years. Anti-racist activist, workers’ rights advocate, anti-imperialist organizer, reproductive rights defender and community radio producer and host, Dianne credits her longevity in revolutionary change to her membership in Workers World Party. She has acted in solidarity with immigrants and refugees everywhere, incarcerated workers behind bars, political prisoners, LGBTQ2+ communities, environmentalists in defense of the planet, abortion and women's healthcare providers, housing activists and cultural workers. Women's Action for New Directions (WAND), Freedom University, Grandmothers for Peace, Dominican College, and the Nipponza Myohoji Atlanta Dojo have honored Dianne for her dedication to peace, equality and liberation. She received the inaugural Ebon Dooley Social Justice Champion award in 2018 from the ArtsXchange. Currently, Dianne is the vice-president of the Board of WRFG 90.3FM, as well as coordinator of both the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition and International Action Center. She produces and hosts the weekly Labor Forum program on WRFG. Dianne appreciates and marvels at all the remarkable people who have enriched her life, educated her and sustained her to remain confident that "a better world is in birth."

website: https://wrfg.org/


Rozina Shiraz Gilani

Director- Atlradicalart

2019 Emerging Leader


Rozina Shiraz Gilani (she/her) is a visual and performing artist, choreographer and the Founder and Director of ATL Radical Art. She is a first-generation American whose work uplifts testimony through movement and utilizes the narrative tools of Indian Classical Dance to challenge viewers with a "radical disruption" of normative thought. She is inspired by representations of identity, collective memory and most specifically post-trauma as represented in motif production. Drawn to the power of testimony of the human condition and righteous fights to live with freedom and dignity, she creates multi-media visual and movement compositions that seek to challenge and activate her audiences. Over the past 14 years, she has worked on solo and collaborative dance projects, productions & workshops internationally– in the U.S., Hungary, Palestine, and Lebanon. After returning to Atlanta in 2016, Gilani was in search for a revolutionary art space, and subsequently founded Atlanta’s Radical Art Community in 2018.


ATL Radical Art (ARA) is a collective of local Atlanta artists committed to the creation of a radical and artistic counterculture in response to the social and political climate of our time. The collective's artists engage in performances/experiments that shed light on topics of intersectional struggle, liberation, and protest from around the globe. ARA's vision is to create spaces and works that thrive independent of institutional funding, finding its strength in community support. This community is primarily for people of color, women, queer & trans artists across multiple disciplines as well as accomplices who are working jointly with us towards similar goals and prioritize the visibility of said communities in Atlanta’s art scene.

website: atlradicalart.com

Friday, July  3, 2020- 3PM

Akbar Imhotep

2019 Change Maker


Akbar Imhotep has committed his entire adult life to fostering social change by educating adults and children with his captivating stories and fascinating puppets. He began his artistic career in 1977 as an actor with the Proposition Theatre Company. He 1979, he was introduced to puppetry at the Center for Puppetry Arts. After a six-year residence at the Center, he launched his solo career, traveling around the city with his colorfully draped suitcases filled with magic, wonder and excitement. He impacts the community by affecting positive social change with his involvement in progressive cultural organizations and community improvement efforts including the Atlanta Kwanzaa Cultural Committee. His impact has grown to include the Southern region of the U.S. as well as nationally.

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Friday, June 26, 2020- 3PM

Wende Ballew

Executive Director- Reforming Arts

2019 Social Justice Champion- Reforming Arts


Wende has a BA in Theatre, an MBA, an MA in American Studies, a graduate certificate in Women's Studies, and is a PhD candidate in Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methodologies at UGA. They has extensive experience as a freelance theatre professional,  arts manager, and educator. As a theatre professional she has worked for Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Aurora Theatre, the Neighborhood Playhouse, and the Atlanta Arts Festival. As an arts manager, Wende worked for the University of West Georgia and Cobb County. Wende has taught at Kennesaw State University and continues to teach and direct Reforming Arts classes inside women's prison facilities in Georgia and facilitate their Theatre Reentry Project. 

website: https://www.reformingarts.org/

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Each year the Art & Justice Award is shaped around recipients. Each receive recognition for their work, a physical award, and community acknowledgement.


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