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Join the ArtsXchange for Art Shouts Podcast for centered conversations on the intersections of the art's social and economic engines. Listeners will engage in empowered dialogue around art, activism, well-being, and peer into the ArtsXchange in action. Hosted by Alice Lovelace & ArtsXchange Art Leaders.

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Art and well being

Host- Carolyn Renée

Guest- Ahmane' Glover


Ahmane' Glover

Ahmane’ Glover is the director of AhShay LLC, a spoken word artist, cultural organizer, community strategist, reiki healer and holistic trauma informed facilitator of healing committed to creating innovative strategies to heal social division and ignite social change.  


Art and Justice

Host- Alice Lovelace

Guest- Ruby Lerner


Ruby Lerner

Ruby Learner is the founding Executive Director of Creative Capital, an innovative arts foundation that adapts venture capital concepts to support individual artists. Under her leadership, Creative Capital committed more than $40 million in financial and advisory support to 511 projects representing 642 artists.


Art and Justice

Host- Alice Lovelace

Guest- William "Bill" Cleveland

William "Bill" Cleveland

Bill Cleveland’s early passions were writing music and “changing the world.” After studying psychology at the University of Maryland all three came together in a place called Buckhorn Centre. Established in the early 70’s, Buckhorn was a Canadian version of California’s Esalen Institute. Bill’s art and community tutelage continued in 1977, when he was hired to run a program funded through the US Department of Labor’s Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, (CETA) at Sacramento’s Metropolitan Arts Commission. Through CETA, unemployed artists were hired to make art in hospitals, prisons, public housing, senior centers and the like. Ironically, by the end of 1979, CETA had become the largest Federal arts program in US history.


Art and well being

Host- Carolyn Renée Morris

Guest- Ade Anifowose

Ade Anifowose, Healing Drummer

Ade has devoted his life to being both a student and teacher of ancient wisdom. He uses the power of drumming, philosophy throughout all his workshops, healing sessions, and spiritual gatherings. Ade has a deep passion for helping people to connect with their unique sense of self and is dedicated to inspiring people to live from the confidence of their truest self.